Hi! I’m Roger Misso.

This site exists because I am a dad, a veteran, and somebody who gives a damn about building the future of this country. I served in the Navy for more than a decade, deploying a few times overseas and serving as a speechwriter in the Pentagon. I have been an advocate for survivors of sexual assault and trauma. I ran for Congress in New York in 2020 and continue to help prospective candidates break down the barriers to running for office themselves. And whether I have been in uniform or in regular clothes, I have always been an outspoken challenger of the phrase: “we’ve always done it that way.”

I believe that resilience – whether in national security, defense industry, political campaigns, or our own individual health – is the most important component of strength. Building resilience starts with being open and honest about our security, defense, politics, and health. I aim to have those conversations here on this site so that we can build that resilience together.

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